CoolGro livestock management controller provides temperature controlled cooling for piggery installations.


Various combinations of water spray and drip coolers are controlled by computer operated valves. Processor control allows a single unit to perform multiple functions which previously required several different products, which added to inventory and production costs. Programmability allows a single stocked item to replace these, ensuring fast delivery at minimum cost.


These advantages can be built into your next product.


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Pool ioniser controls special electrodes in the filter pump piping to kill pathogens and algae without the use of dangerous and expensive chlorine based chemical dosing.


This unit controls both the pool filter pump and the ioniser unit to provide clean, safe water at minimal cost.


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FireAnt 360 integrates with a set of hydraulic actuators mounted on an excavator arm.


The actuators are cab operated by joystick controls, and allow a tool mounted on the excavator to be tilted and rotated through a full 360 degrees.


The controller locks out invalid inputs and automatically releases the dump valve on positive displacement pumps. LED indicators allow operators easy verification of function.


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