DYSCOP or DYnamic Switching of COntrol channel Power was developed for Telstra to overcome congestion issues on their trunk mobile radio system.


This microprocessor based design continuously assesses channel activity to determine which channels are installed and functioning correctly, and identifies which channel is currently operating as the control channel. It then modulates the control channel output power to shed load from the base station as it approaches congestion.


Consideration of installation requirements into an active network had significant influence on the design.


RADIO MODEM for the Australian Army. DDDG designed and authored the software operating system for a packet radio modem to full military standards. The operating system provides adaptive bit rate and ARQ error control for both point to point and broadcast data. It has specific application to the Army’s HF Combat Net Radio and wire line communications and is compatible with cryptographic equipment, such as the KG-84 & KY-57/99.


QANTAS ‘CUTIE’ or Credit Union Telephone Information Exchange was brought on-line in 1985 by the QANTAS staff credit union management.


This was the first telephone banking system in Australia, beating the next by many years. It offered account balance information, funds transfer between accounts, third party cheque issue, and even on-line loan approvals!


User input to the system was via touch-tone phones which were rare at the time, so an acoustic coupler was developed for rotary dial phone users. Feedback to the user was via synthesised voice (not digitised) using a DECtalk speech processor unit. We had ‘Perfect Paul’ speaking long before Microsoft or Dragon!


These days the system adds internet banking and has been substantially updated.

Other Projects 2

Smart control of radio traffic congestion.

CUTIE noticeMilitary radio modem

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Data over HF radio.

1st phone banking in Australia.

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