‘GUARDIAN ALERT’ is a radio linked pendant with a full speaker phone built in. A base unit connected to the local telephone network will call the emergency operator when the call button is pressed. A two way conversation is then possible with the pendant wearer, even outside the house.


As a ‘once only’ purchase, the unit is a cost effective solution to the problem of the elderly or infirm continuing to live independently. It has full Telstra and ACMA approvals.


The pendant uses replaceable cells and needs no recharging, so is always worn. Battery life is one year. Voice prompts to the wearer indicate when a battery change is due plus other operational aids.


More information here.




DRIVEWAY MONITOR uses magnetometer technology to detect passing vehicles without responding to human traffic or animals, Integrated low power radio then signals wirelessly to a receiver to warn of approaching vehicles.


Both battery and solar powered units are capable of detection up to 4 metres.


Unexpected visitors are a thing of the past.


More information here.


Greywater controller operates a pump when either the collection tank is filled, or after a 24 hour delay to avoid problems with storing grey water.

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